Which forms of payment does Stoop accept?

Stoop accepts all major credit cards at a 3% fee, money transfer, certified check and cash.

Can I visit a Stoop residence before I book?

Imagine coming home after a long afternoon, only to find out we are bringing someone over to view the apartment. Imagine this is happening every day, several times a day. ​Sounds pretty intrusive right?​ We do not do showings of apartments in order to protect the privacy and comfort of the current tenants. Keep in mind that all of our photos are accurate and taken by our own in-house photographer, so what you see is always what you get!

Can I ask for information about my roommates before booking a Stoop room?

Privacy is very important to our members, and we like to keep it that way. We can disclose general information such as gender but we will not disclose anything that may cause discrimination such as sexual orientation, race, etc.

The best way to find out about your new roommates is to meet them yourself! We always perform background checks on our members to ensure everyone’s safety. If you feel uncomfortable with a roommate, simply contact your residence manager and we will resolve it.

Does Stoop charge a broker/finder's fee for their residences?

Stoop does not charge broker or finder’s fee outside of the background check, rent and security deposit. Not a bad deal, huh?

Can I book with Stoop if I am not from the U.S.?

Si! Ouai! Absolutely! The Stoop community is full of members from all over the world. We just ask for a copy of your passport and visa (and maybe a little souvenir from where you are coming from...).

Does Stoop have rooms for couples?

We support everyone’s right to be in love, we just ask that you let it flourish in a full apartment. Stoop bedrooms are for single occupancy only.

Is there a price difference between signing a monthly lease vs. a fixed term lease?

Although it is not required to commit to a fixed term lease, we do offer a 10% discount on monthly rent to those who commit to being a Stoop member for 6+ months. It’s just our little way of thanking you for being loyal. ​Not ready for all that commitment just yet?​ Our month to month plan is still a perfect option for those who would like to see... other... apartments. We get it. You’re not ready to be tied down yet.

How long is the entire booking process?

In just 15 minutes you can completely book a Stoop residence, pick an outfit for your Bumble date, think about going to the gym, and find something decent to watch on Netflix. Talk about managing your time!

Can I rent an entire apartment myself?

Did you really think we would say no? Our inventory ranges from single bedrooms to entire 5-bedroom apartments. The choice is yours!

Can I book a Stoop residence for less than 30 days?

There is a 30-day minimum for all Stoop bookings. We have a feeling you will want to stay longer though.

Is a credit check or background check required to book with Stoop?

Yes, all Stoop members forego both a background check which will cost $50. There is no credit check.

Is there a security deposit required to book a Stoop residence?

Yes, all Stoop bookings require a refundable security deposit equal to one month’s rent. It will be refunded within 3-7 business days after you move out, as long as all of our conditions are met.

Are pets/service animals allowed in Stoop residences?

While the Stoop family LOVES our little furry pals, there are members who have severe pet allergies. We ask that all Stoop residences be kept free of pets.

What should i do if I lose my keys?

Immediately call your Residence Manager if you can not get access to your apartment. Keep in mind, there is a $50 lockout fee.

Are Stoop residences equipped with Wifi?

Yes, all Stoop apartments are equipped with high-speed Internet access at no extra charge. Streaming the new season of Game Of Thrones on your ex’s Hulu account just got so much easier.

What should I do if I have an issue with my utilities, internet, appliances, etc.?

Don’t worry, Stoop has your back! If you experience any difficulties with your residence, notify your Residence Manager immediately to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Will my bedroom have a lock?

We are unable to provide locks on bedroom doors, for security reasons. We do, however, provide a safe in every bedroom to keep your personal belongings safe. If you suspect a roommate of going into your bedroom without your permission, notify us immediately.

Do you offer female only or male only residences?

Currently, every Stoop residence is completely co-ed. We perform background checks to ensure the safety and comfort of every Stoop resident. We plan to introduce gender-specific residences in the future.

What should I do if I have a problem with a roommate?

If you are having consistent conflicts with a roommate, please notify your Residence Manager. If you feel physically threatened or in danger please immediately contact 911 and your Residence Manager.

What are the consequences of breaking Stoop rules?

Stoop has a zero tolerance policy for those members who break our House Rules. Members who do not follow house rules may receive a warning, followed by an eviction. However, we handle disputes on a case by case basis and reserve the right to immediately evict anyone who breaks any house rules.

Are Utilities/Wifi included in the rent?

Yes, all rent prices include bi-weekly cleaning water, heat, electricity, and Internet. Say bye to paper billing, paperless billing and just bills in general.

Is smoking allowed in Stoop residences?

No, Stoop residences are strictly non-smoking.

Can I switch Stoop residences before my lease is up?

Yes! As a Stoop member, you may switch to a different room/apartment within the Stoop community, provided it is available. Simply give us 15 days notice. Note: Your rent and security deposit may change to reflect the current rate for that Stoop booking.

Do all units feature the same amenities (washer/dryer/closets, etc.)?

Units vary and all amenities will be listed under the listing’s description. Every apartment features air conditioning, TV and Wifi.

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